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General Appearance

How do I change the typeface?
If you’re hosting your own site, there are WordPress plug-ins for Typekit and Web Type that you can install. The selectors for the large type on Flatfile are: #rollover-nav li, #sidebar li, h1, h2. Google Fonts offers some poem analysis essay great free fonts. You’ll want to drop their code in the header.php template and in the styles.css template. If you’re looking to change to another system default font (Georgia, Times, Lucida, etc.) you can edit the main.css stylesheet file via FTP. buy research papers online cheap If your site is hosted on Flatfile, we’ll be rolling out web type solutions in the near future. For now, it’s a world of Helvetica.

How do I change colors?
Go to Appearance > Flatfile Options in your WordPress backend. There is a color wheel for you to select a new link/highlight color. There is a demo video on the Getting Started page as well.

Can I remove the slash (/) at the end of navigation items?
If you’re hosting the Flatfile theme yourself, yes. The slashes are appended with Javascript. You can remove the slash or change it to something else. Go into the lib folder, js folder and open up main.js. The top part of that file deals with the slashes. Remove the <span>/<span> or change the / to another character.

What else is customizable?
If you’re hosting the Flatfile theme yourself, customize anything you like. You’re limited only by your knowledge of CSS, HTML and WordPress. If your site is hosted by us, we don’t allow any CSS or theme customization. The reason is every user is using the same theme and one user would affect another. The benefit is that as we make improvements, those are automatically made for everyone. Think of it like any other Web application (gmail) as opposed to buying packaged software where it remains the same forever. If you’re looking for to customize, make sure you host the theme and WordPress on your own server.

Am I able to remove the copyright information at bottom?
Let us know if this is important to you. We’ve thought about it, but seems easiest to replicate the title of the site down at the bottom.


Why won’t my category show up in the main menu?
Categories must have published posts to appear on the live site. Posts that are Private will show up when you are logged in. Additionally, if you have created a custom menu, then created a new category (with posts), you will need to add that category to your menu. Categories show up by default until you’ve created a custom menu. super aperti.

How do I change the big grey links (main menu)?
Go to Appearance > Menus and create a custom menu. You can link to anywhere on your site or on the Web. Take a look at our demo video for more.

Why is it that when I hit “next” or “previous” what I think should appear doesn’t?
Next and previous buttons take a user through posts in the same category as the current post. If a post has more than one category assigned to it, the buttons will take a guess at which category it’s using to find the next or previous post. We recommend that you assign only one category per post. Use tags for cross-referencing. Additionally, search results and tag results pages are index pages only, so when you click into a post from a results page, your “next” and “previous” buttons will be working as explained above.

Text categories

How can I get less content to appear on a text category index?
By default a whole post shows up on text category index pages (example). However, there is a “more” button that appears in a post’s menu bar (where the “bold”, “italic”, etc buttons are). The “more” button will automatically place a “More” hyperlink into the index page so only what’s before the more appears on an index page. We’re using this technique on the How-to-Videos index.


How big should I make my images?
Decide upon your large image size and set that in “Settings > Media”. A good default is 1024 wide and 800 tall. Upload the largest size that you might ever plan to use. Any image that you upload larger than this will be reduced to the maximum size. You can change that size later if you want larger images or faster loading times (smaller size). Go to “Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails” to create new maximum images after changing the media settings.

I received a “File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another” error when trying to upload an image. What does that mean?
You’re probably trying to upload a file type that WordPress doesn’t support. These are the extensions you can use: jpg jpeg png gif mp3 mov avi wmv midi mid pdf

I want to put a detail image on the front, how can I do that?
You can place any featured image from any post on the home page. If you have a detail within a post, that can’t be pulled in. You can associate a featured image to a news post, and select that post. Not the homepage image when clicked links to the post that it is associated with.

Can I embed a music player or smaller video on the left-side of an image page?
If you want embedded or iframed content to appear in the caption area of an image post (as opposed to having it replace the featured image — the default action), see an example on our demo site.


There is a notification on my dashboard to update WordPress. Should I?
In general, yes. If you’re updating your site frequently, best to wait a couple weeks after you first see a notice. This gives us time to update and test for any problems that a newer WordPress version might create. We’ll post a news item and a Tweet with any critical updates.

How do I put a search form in a page or post?
There is a short code to include a search form. Type [search]
within the visual or HTML mode of your page or post.

What does “subscribe” do?
It allows viewers to get a feed of new posts to your site. It’s particularly useful for bloggers, iPad viewers and those who view the Web through RSS readers. RSS feeds have replaced mailing lists among the digerati.

Why do only 10 results come up on my tag results page?
You can change that number in “Settings > Readings”. The default is 10, but you should set it to 100, because Flatfile does not paginate results, it shows all on one page.

Is it possible to have a contact form instead of putting my email address on the site?
If you’d like to use a form, we recommend setting up a form on http://www.foxyform.com and pasting their code into a page on your Flatfile site. Make sure you are pasting in their code with the “HTML” view and not the “Visual” tab selected on your page.

Can’t find an answer? Did you try WordPress FAQ? You can send us an email, and we’ll see about adding your question to this page.

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March 1, 2012