Pictograms shortcodes

Flatfile comes with its very own pictogram typeface. Drawn by John Caserta and included with the theme (for use in the theme only), the typeface can be used to catch a viewer’s eye when you want to link to particular types of content: videos, Web sites, drawings, etc.

You’ll see the pictograms in wide use on the Flatfile site and on John’s Flatfile site.

How to use

An index of shortcodes and suggested link phrases. Note you may set the size of the pictogram to small, medium or large.

Note to link the text, select what you want to link and click the link button in the description menu

h See full video on YouTube where to buy orlistat wholesale.
[pictogram icon="video" size="large] See video on YouTube

P Play video
[pictogram icon="play" size="large] Play video

V See article
[pictogram icon="write" size="large] See article

B Buy the book
[pictogram icon="book" size="large] Buy the book

A See photographs
[pictogram icon="camera" size="large] See photographs

K Read documentation
[pictogram icon="document" size="large] Read documentation

C Send the DVD
[pictogram icon="cd" size="large] Send the DVD

D Download PDF
[pictogram icon="download" size="large] Download PDF

T Follow me on Twitter
[pictogram icon="twitter" size="large] Download PDF

S See a slideshow
[pictogram icon="slideshow" size="large] See a slideshow

b Join a discussion
[pictogram icon="comment" size="large] Join a discussion

d Print
[pictogram icon="print" size="large] Print

r See sketch
[pictogram icon="draw" size="large] See sketch

o Send
[pictogram icon="share" size="large] Send

W See website
[pictogram icon="window" size="large] See website

E Browse
[pictogram icon="browse" size="large] Browse

i Buy now
[pictogram icon="shop" size="large] Buy now

August 5, 2011